Andrew Luck Retirement is Sad

(Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, all rights reserved) Editor's Note: (I found this in my drafts and wanted to finish it, thus the late publish) In 2012, as a Patriots fan, I was getting ready to dislike Andrew Luck for a long time. He was Peyton's replacement, being lauded as the... Continue Reading →

How to Travel the World for Free with Credit Card Rewards

Flashback to February 2020, COVID-19 is just hitting the news in the US, and I'm going to the gym every day getting ready for the spring/summer of my life. My wife and I have trips booked to Chicago, Austin, an all-inclusive week vacation in Aruba with our best friends for a wedding, and a ten-day... Continue Reading →

Fat Chris: the Journey & Final Fight

It's summertime, 1995, Batman Forever is in the theatres and Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" is burning up the airwaves. I'm 8 years old and attending Sports Camp in Braintree, Massachusetts. Sports camp is really cool. We play games like kingpin (dodgeball that incorporates bowling pins, that if you knock over you win and/or get... Continue Reading →

An American in Lebanon

    Many years ago, my fiancee, Ranna was promised in marriage to the prominent son of a neighboring village's leader in Lebanon.  However, fate intervened and she fell in love with a Braintree bad boy with Irish roots and terrible In order for us to be wed, I had to travel to Lebanon... Continue Reading →

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