O-Man’s 2 Minute Guide to Retirement Investing

  I can talk your ear off about investing for retirement. It's a passion I found a few years ago after getting myself out of debt. I've read book after book, blog after blog, and I am big fan/lurker of the FIRE Reddit thread (Financial Independence Retirement Early). I've quickly learned it's not a subject... Continue Reading →

Nantucket Vacation Budget Hacks

Nantucket and saving money, not two things that usually go together. There's a reason a "Nantucket $10" is a hundred dollar bill. Between dining, entertainment, lodging, ubers & taxis, and even getting there on the ferry & paying for parking, it's likely you'll look at your bank account and ask what the hell happened? There... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Video Games of My Youth

It’s Friday night circa 1999 at Blockbuster. Your friend Joe asks, “Do you want to rent a video game or a movie?” With a cocky smile you reply, “Joe I got a coupon, two for one, video game and a movie. We’re living the good life tonight.” Earlier, Joe’s parents had given the green light... Continue Reading →

What Should My Entrance Music Be?

You think you can tell us what to do? Duh-nuh. Think you can tell us what to wear? Dun-nuh. You think that you're better? Duh-nuh. Well, you better get ready. Bow to the Massssters....BREAK IT DOWN (Degeneration X Theme). If WWE taught us anything, it's that entrance music changes everything. It didn't matter if the whole Nation... Continue Reading →

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