50 Cent Gym Bangers (Songs You Probably Don’t Know)

I worked 20 hours this weekend and I also wrote 2,000 words of a Lebanon blog that still isn't finished. I'm going to continue to work on the Lebanon blog this week to do it justice and get it done right. However, in order to keep my streak alive of blogs, here are some 50... Continue Reading →

Tavern at the End of the World – Charlestown Irish Bar Under New Ownership – Spend All Day at the Bar then Sleep Upstairs!

If you lived in Mission Hill during the last twenty years, and like to have a good time, there's a strong chance you made some lasting memories at Flann O'Brien's. Flanns was the neighborhood Irish bar that had a great atmosphere, friendly staff, fast service, and savory meals. The bartenders would remember your name and... Continue Reading →

Nantucket Vacation Budget Hacks

Nantucket and saving money, not two things that usually go together. There's a reason a "Nantucket $10" is a hundred dollar bill. Between dining, entertainment, lodging, ubers & taxis, and even getting there on the ferry & paying for parking, it's likely you'll look at your bank account and ask what the hell happened? There... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Video Games of My Youth

It’s Friday night circa 1999 at Blockbuster. Your friend Joe asks, “Do you want to rent a video game or a movie?” With a cocky smile you reply, “Joe I got a coupon, two for one, video game and a movie. We’re living the good life tonight.” Earlier, Joe’s parents had given the green light... Continue Reading →

What Should My Entrance Music Be?

You think you can tell us what to do? Duh-nuh. Think you can tell us what to wear? Dun-nuh. You think that you're better? Duh-nuh. Well, you better get ready. Bow to the Massssters....BREAK IT DOWN (Degeneration X Theme). (Photo courtesy of WWE all rights reserved.) If WWE taught us anything, it's that entrance music changes everything.... Continue Reading →

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