Uncommon Tips for Sticking to 2022 Goals

It's winter 2005; I'm sitting in Advanced Calculus, not paying attention, with my daily planner in front of me. I have written my goals for the week: Stick to my diet.Run before school.Go to practice.Hit the gym for Day 1 & 2 liftsDo my homework.Watch a Prefontaine movie for motivation.Get to bed by 9 pm.... Continue Reading →

ChadPires – Vodka, Blood, Close It. A Nantucket Vampire Story (Preview)

***(Author’s Note: This is a preview of ChardPires. The full story will be available in March 2021. If you like Nantucket, vampires, action, and comedy, then read on). The kayak rocked as Mark and his little brother Ross tried to keep balance. “We’re not supposed to be out on the water so late! Mom is... Continue Reading →

From Japan with Love – Go to Japan for the Ramen, Stay for the 711’s, Smart Toilets, Monkeys, Friendly Deer, Natural Beauty, and Outstanding Customer Service (Part 1 of 3)

"Why the heck are you going to Japan for your honeymoon?" That was a question we got a lot when friends and family heard our plans for our post-nuptials. A visit to the land of the rising sun isn't on everyone's radar when they hear honeymoon. Italy, Hawaii, Aruba, Bermuda, are the expected answers. Well,... Continue Reading →

Andrew Luck Retirement is Sad

(Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA, all rights reserved) Editor's Note: (I found this in my drafts and wanted to finish it, thus the late publish) In 2012, as a Patriots fan, I was getting ready to dislike Andrew Luck for a long time. He was Peyton's replacement, being lauded as the... Continue Reading →

Fat Chris: the Journey & Final Fight

It's summertime, 1995, Batman Forever is in the theatres and Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" is burning up the airwaves. I'm 8 years old and attending Sports Camp in Braintree, Massachusetts. Sports camp is really cool. We play games like kingpin (dodgeball that incorporates bowling pins, that if you knock over you win and/or get... Continue Reading →

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