Must Not Lose to Fear – 2 Weeks Til Fight Night

Last night my gym got invaded. As I finished up the 6:30pm class and was getting ready for the Battle at the Bay training, a whole squad of guys I had never seen before began pouring into the gym. They carried a serious demeanor, had the Boston street-clothing-look that's prevalent in places like Quincy &... Continue Reading →


What Should My Entrance Music Be?

You think you can tell us what to do? Duh-nuh. Think you can tell us what to wear? Dun-nuh. You think that you're better? Duh-nuh. Well, you better get ready. Bow to the Massssters....BREAK IT DOWN (Degeneration X Theme). If WWE taught us anything, it's that entrance music changes everything. It didn't matter if the whole Nation... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Unicorn Recap (2015)

Old blog wanted to move over since I was consolidating the blog into one page. Chasing the Unicorn Recap (August 2015) On August 16th, I ran the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon in Washington Crossing, PA in 88 degree heat. It felt alright the first 16 miles, but the last 10 felt like a death march.... Continue Reading →

Everglades Hangover Cure

Got a new hangover cure for you all, alligators and the Everglades. Last Saturday I woke up on day 3 of a bachelor party with anxiety through the roof, stomach doing turn-cycles and an overall feeling of death is imminent. Soooo I decided on the bright idea to join my friends for a two-hours bus... Continue Reading →

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