Ted 2 – A+, First Must See Movie of the Summer

Friends, the first must-see movie of the summer is here,Ted 2. A+ across the boards. Funny as hell, tons of “Jesus Christ” moments, good story, smart and fresh.

Rare is it that a sequel surpasses the original. Godfather 2 and the Empire Strikes Back are the only two that come to mind. However, Ted 2 conquers this feat in a landslide. I was not a big Ted 1 guy. I thought it was cool concept, love Seth McFarland’s sense of humor, had a few good jokes, but the second half lagged a little without enough outrageous moments.

Ted 2 starts strong and never lets up. As you may remember at the end of the first one Mark Whalberg’s character, John Bennet, has a happy ending with Mila Kunis and it looks like they’ll end up together. However, when this starts he is freshly divorced and in kind of a slump (also dealing with a huggggeee porn addiction). He explains that he tried really hard to make the relationship work and tried changing himself a ton for her, but one day woke up and realized he didn’t feel like himself anymore –That they just weren’t really right for each other. Many have been in that situation and this added element makes you empathize with Whalberg’s character and more emotionally invested in the movie.

Now onto the plot. Ted is now married to his trashy Quincy Queen Tammie Lynne (she nails the Quincy accent). They are having marital problems, fighting over money, and it looks like it may be the end of the road for them. Then after a convo with his coworker he decides they should “have a baby to save the marriage” (I hope everyone realizes that’s an ironic message). I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but from there tons of twists and turns happen that put Ted and John on a mission to prove Ted has a soul and deserves a baby.

Now to the point. Reasons You Should See Ted 2

  • Very Dark Humor – If South Park, Tosh.0’s outrageous moments make you laugh, then see this.
  • Greaaaat Cameo’s – Liam Neilson buys Trix as his character from Taken. “Is it true this cereal is for kids”
  • Tom Brady – Speaking of cameo’s, Tom Brady’s part is awesome. Good to see our boy having some fun with how much crap he’s gone through this off season.
  • New lead actress is great – Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Alpha Dog) turns in a memorable performance.
  • Mark Whalberg – I’m not a big Whalberg guy. I love him in Fear, Four Brothers and the Departed. I think sometimes though he takes himself too seriously and just plays himself. But in this role he truly commits and does a scene in the sperm bank I thought he would never agree to (I have a pretty high shock gag reflex and even I was like OMG)
  • Filmed around Boston.

Now go See Ted 2 and check your pulse if you don’t laugh.

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