Miami Trip: Who Will be the Wildcard?


Tomorrow morning eight of us will be heading to Miami for Munyon’s bachelor party. We are looking to have fun in the sun & watch the Pats kick some ass. Everyone that’s heard about the trip is expecting mayhem, but I think it may be more along the lines of:

But for every trip I’ve been on, there’s been the wildcard. The guy that pulls a move no one saw coming, and turns the trip up to 11.


Now Let’s Break it Down of Who the Wild Card Might Be:


  1. The Crowd Favorite: Bmarks (5 to 2 odds)74409_577287584345_3980120_n.jpgNow in my mind I think of Bmarks as a blue collar guy from the 80’s. A Bruce Springsteen loving man of the people, who only uses Dad catch phrases like “Cut it Out” and “That guy’s a total dope!“. However, at least 3 people have said to me, “Yeah Miami sounds fun, as long a Bmarks doesn’t do anything crazy.” Brendan?!? He was a freaking peer mediator….but then a few memories pop in my head…of Bmarks taking things to the next level – back in 11th grade drawing on Dave & Jimmy when they’re passed out and Brendan suddenly cuts off their shoe laces…Westfield, Montreal…hmm, yeah 5 to 2 odds it is.

2.  John Brennan (2 to 5 odds) – Now we all know the big guy likes to have a good time.10401441_10152178078080976_7974669647181456752_n Anyone that follows Jenna on Snapchat and saw him down the bottle of Pino in one swig last Sunday knows he can get after it, but I don’t have a feeling he will get too out of hand. Guy’s a lawyer now. Theeee only way I can see him getting into mischief  is he loves to meet new people when were on trips and I can see him getting down with some mean essays. But other than that all Brennan has to worry about is climbing up to the top bunk every night, since he’s getting there last.

3. Uncle Craig (1 to 5) – Jason’s uncle Craig is coming with us, successful family man, but knows how to have a good time. Anyone who grew up during the 80’s can probably handle Miami fine. I don’t see him being the wildcard, but potentially calling us all pussies if we can’t hang with him.

4.  Joe Burke (1 to 7):533729_10200533474959381_1205599872_n.jpg For how rip-roaring drunk this mild mannered accountant gets in Boston, he surprisingly travels well. He fits in with the crowds, has fun, and raises hell within the lines and in a good spirited way.  He usually gets in trouble when Dave is there, so he should be in the clear if he finds where the beer drinkers stand and doesn’t miss his flight due to smoking cigarettes again 😉 ;).

5. Jimmy Walsh (3 to 7): 12299311_10153190483430976_8443449230528953351_n.jpgJimmy’s pretty much domesticated at this point. Owns a house with Janey babe and is figuring out how to put car batteries in. Younger Jimmy would of been my personal choice for the wildcard, but he’s been the most adamant about going golfing, fishing and doing other activities in Miami besides just drinking. However, that said, Jimmy is a cherper.  When he’s not in your ear reminding you he’s from DOT, asking if someone wants meat or to play “going away to college songs”, he’s talking smack. Now from what I’ve seen on the Internet, that can get quite hairy at away sporting events.  We will have to see.

6. Me (1 to 50):devil.jpg Ranna Babe, nothing to worry about. Although I’m listening to 80’s rock as I write this, packing my all white suite & meeting Pam Anderson, I’m pretty sure my wild days are behind me. Plus what trouble could we possibly get into?

7. Hunter Burnham (5 to 2): 10370377_10202031602011621_5247916363375708275_n.jpg

Now for people from Nantucket he’d be the easy pick. There’s a reason they call him “Hurricane Burnham” and this 6′ 4″ blondey is still in college. Now if we were in the movie Hall Pass, Hunter would be that cool friend who still parties and gets chicks (only single guy on trip). Heck he’s flying in from California and staying down Florida an extra week to scuba-dive the everglades. Kid lives life, and when you hear him start talking astrological signs with a girl you’ll know its a wrap.

8. Wildcard Pick for the Wildcard: Dave Riley (1 to 2) –10522150_10152620366820259_2398970757898622134_n.jpg Now I know what your thinking – Dave’s serving in Iraq, how the hell could be the wildcard? Well I’ve learned a few things about the boy over lifetime of cousin/friendship stuff. First, Dave has massive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I could see him some how fanagling a week of leave and appearing in Miami in tank, “What’s up guys?”. If Dave can’t be there in the physical, I’m sure he will make his presence felt. Ordering backpages to the hotel or using social media to manipulate one of his friends into doing something stupid – Dave could easily be the wildcard of Miami, as he laughs from his bunk in the middle east.

9. The Bachelor, Jason Munyon (6 to 8) – 10155572_582588756361_4362397172558379307_n.jpgI promised Jason’s Dad I would keep this cute sailor out of trouble, sick world we live in when I’m the safe one, but could Jason be the wildcard? He’s always up for a goodtime and always laughing…hmm who am I kidding, we will make sure Jason is the wildcard of the weekend in his honor!

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