Why I’m Fighting April 7th

Snow dances in the night sky as I struggle with my remote car on our back steps. I’m trying to get it to the bottom but it keeps flipping over making a loud "grrrrrrrrr " sound as the wheels spin. I flip it back over and make it to the next step.  Without fail, it... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Get Yourself Out of Student Debt – Learned While Paying off 48k in a Year

In 2010, I graduated college with over $60,000 in student debt. By 2015, due to interest and only making minimum monthly payments, I still owed a whopping $48k. I felt trapped by my debt. I had a little voice whispering to me, "Pff you'll never afford a house.....You're an idiot for taking on that much... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Unicorn Recap (2015)

Old blog wanted to move over since I was consolidating the blog into one page. Chasing the Unicorn Recap (August 2015) On August 16th, I ran the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon in Washington Crossing, PA in 88 degree heat. It felt alright the first 16 miles, but the last 10 felt like a death march.... Continue Reading →

Everglades Hangover Cure

Got a new hangover cure for you all, alligators and the Everglades. Last Saturday I woke up on day 3 of a bachelor party with anxiety through the roof, stomach doing turn-cycles and an overall feeling of death is imminent. Soooo I decided on the bright idea to join my friends for a two-hours bus... Continue Reading →

School’s Going Strong

School is going great. I've completed my fourth week of class and have learned many useful skills & strategies in digital marketing.  We've covered analytics, all forms of metrics, segmentation, and best practices in dm. Without boring you, I will give you a few interesting tidbits I have picked up along the way. Google analytics... Continue Reading →

Back to School, Back to School

Tonight I am heading back to school. After 5 longs years out of the classroom I decided to enroll in General Assembly's 10-week Digital Marketing course, meeting every Monday & Wednesday from 7-10p.m. in the Seaport. The course covers the in-demand digital marketing skills and caps off with a final project to show what you've... Continue Reading →

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