Chasing the Unicorn Recap (2015)

Old blog wanted to move over since I was consolidating the blog into one page. Chasing the Unicorn Recap (August 2015) On August 16th, I ran the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon in Washington Crossing, PA in 88 degree heat. It felt alright the first 16 miles, but the last 10 felt like a death march.... Continue Reading →


Fancy Pants this Saturday – Nantucket Locals Dress Up Like Summer Kids Bar Crawl

When someone mentions Nantucket do you think of a beautiful island inhabited by rich kids in the summer named Max & Chad wearing pink pants with whales, rocking  popped collars and fighting over who gets to break out the black card first? Not going to lie, there is a lot of that there, but there's... Continue Reading →

Everglades Hangover Cure

Got a new hangover cure for you all, alligators and the Everglades. Last Saturday I woke up on day 3 of a bachelor party with anxiety through the roof, stomach doing turn-cycles and an overall feeling of death is imminent. Soooo I decided on the bright idea to join my friends for a two-hours bus... Continue Reading →

School’s Going Strong

School is going great. I've completed my fourth week of class and have learned many useful skills & strategies in digital marketing.  We've covered analytics, all forms of metrics, segmentation, and best practices in dm. Without boring you, I will give you a few interesting tidbits I have picked up along the way. Google analytics... Continue Reading →

Back to School, Back to School

Tonight I am heading back to school. After 5 longs years out of the classroom I decided to enroll in General Assembly's 10-week Digital Marketing course, meeting every Monday & Wednesday from 7-10p.m. in the Seaport. The course covers the in-demand digital marketing skills and caps off with a final project to show what you've... Continue Reading →

Pats Are Back

It may only be a preseason game, but nothing brings a smile to my face like the guy below taking the field. I hope everyone understands this is a once in a lifetime quarterback were blessed with right now #TB12 For Life.

Belichick Confirmed Mastermind Behind Deflategate

(Foxborough, M.A., July 31, 2015) – It looks like the hooded-one has duped the entire NFL once again. The Patriots off season which has been embroiled in controversy over the scandal dubbed “DeflateGate” seems to have been the brainchild of one man: Bill Belichick. Sources say this shocking revelation came about through secret files leaked... Continue Reading →

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