Review: Buffalo Chicken Tenders at Southside Tavern


For being the second most Irish town in the entire nation its quite surprising until recently there were no legit bars in Braintree (love you Tiki, but you’re primarily a restaurant). In towns like Norwood, you can’t pass a street corner without stumbling past a watering hole.  Then a few years ago, right around when we switched to having a mayor, the clouds opened and up popped the Brewhouse and the Southside Tavern.

Southside Tavern is a clean, well-lit bar, in the middle of Braintree square. Friendly staff and they are fast to refresh your drink. More about the bar at a later time, for this blog, it’s all about their buffalo chicken tenders.

Appearing as an appetizer on the menu, the buffalo chicken tenders come in around $8 for 6 tenders with blue cheese & celery/carrots. The chicken is fried to a crisp finish that leaves a soft crunch in your mouth. The sauce is tasty with more of a zang, than a spicy kick. I found the blue cheese as a good compliment, but not needed to drown out any overreaching spiciness.

It’s a good solid buffalo chicken tender and for that I’m giving it a B, 7/10. The quantity (although it’s an app) had me wanting at least 3 more tenders. Also, the sauce was solid, but I would like to taste more of a kick.

My friends ordered some of their other buffalo items: buffalo chicken wontons & buff chick Mac n cheese. I tried the wontons and they were bitching, but did not taste the mac n cheese, will leave that for the next review.


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