Buffalo Wings Review: Gumbo Limbo Beach Bar & Restaurant (Naples, FL)


At Gumbo Limbo in Naples, FL you come for the view & fruity drinks, but you stay for kick-ass buffalo wings. This establishment, connected to the Ritz Carlton, is right on the beach with a laid-back-friendly vibe.

Now most that come here, don’t order the wings (Ritz people aren’t the wing crowd), but the lucky, the few, are in for a treat. The wings are all drumsticks (good size) and are fried to a crisp with a buttery-buffalo sauce. They are served with a separate dish of blue cheese, fresh celery and wet naps.

You get a healthy portion of 16 wings, again all drumsticks, for $18. This price may seem steep, but at the Ritz Carlton right on the beach, it’s pretty fair. The wings themselves are crunchy with tender meat on the inside; your first bite will send you towards heaven with each bite getting you closer. Now these wings are fried, not the type of buffalo wing where you pretend you’re eating something healthy, but boyyyyy are they worth it. After being in pure heaven for 16 wings, I give these wings an A-. The only reason for the – is they could of kicked the heat up a notch, but besides that, I’ve never been in a more beautiful place tasting better wings.


I recommend washing them down with a cold beer and then trying several of their fruity cocktails and if the weather is right, you’ll get to see a pretty sunset.


In heaven after eating the wings.



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