Back to School, Back to School

Tonight I am heading back to school. After 5 longs years out of the classroom I decided to enroll in General Assembly’s 10-week Digital Marketing course, meeting every Monday & Wednesday from 7-10p.m. in the Seaport.

The course covers the in-demand digital marketing skills and caps off with a final project to show what you’ve learned (and hopefully add a great portfolio piece). I decided to take the course to increase my skills and gain experience, but it wasn’t an easy decision. The price tag’s $3,500 and since I paid for my undergrad 100% myself – I still have loans from there to pay-off and didn’t feel like shoveling another bill onto the pile.

However, after some serious consideration, I realized the course will help me immensely in my current role and  could help advance my career. I decided to jump in, but hustle hard to pay for it right away. I signed up for to care of dogs (kind of like AirBnb for paws) and have taken care of four dogs and have four more  jobs booked (including a repeat of my & Ranna’s fav dog, Doctor). All of the dogs have been a pleasure and it’s actually been a lot of fun learning the different breeds and getting our morning and evening walks in.

My buddy Mark hooked me up with an overnight security-job that pays well and took a huge chunk out of the payment (I also know now what it’s like to be up for 48 hours!). Being a lifelong comic nerd finally paid off too. Ranna’s brother in-law inherited a huge 5,000+ comic book collection and I volunteered to help sell it. After weeks of meeting with collectors and stores, we finally sold it last night and I earned a nice commission.


Also, I applied for a $1,000 education reimbursement from my work (the maximum allowed per-year) and hopefully I will be approved for that soon.

Paying for the course through side-jobs is key, as it didn’t affect my regular budget and I can still hammer my current loans. Also, since I worked hard to take the course I will value it more and try to get everything out of it I can.

I am going to blog through out the course, so please follow along with me and learn valuable digital marketing skills.

P.S. everyone taking the course looks sophisticated, may have to introduce myself as Christopher tonight.

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