School’s Going Strong

School is going great. I’ve completed my fourth week of class and have learned many useful skills & strategies in digital marketing.  We’ve covered analytics, all forms of metrics, segmentation, and best practices in dm.

Without boring you, I will give you a few interesting tidbits I have picked up along the way.

  1. Google analytics tracks everything. From how you got to a site, how long you’re on a certain page, to  how much money you spend. Google also gains more insights on you every time you visit a new site (it’s learning about you). I wondered why Hawkings and Musk were worried about Google’s AI project and I now kinda know why. If a computer with all of Google’s information became self-aware, we better hope it likes humans because it will probably know everything about us and be able to predict all our actions.
  2. Speaking of analytics – you should track everything you can (track every link!). The more data you can track, the better insights you can gain, and the more you can tweak and improve your marketing efforts.
  3. Data is king. If you can’t prove with numbers your ROI or increase in another metric, then your marketing efforts are as good as throwing sand into the wind.
  4. There is a company for all marketing services. We all know there is plenty of managed email marketing platforms, but did you know there are services that focus on this such as AB testing? There is a service(s) for everything.

I wanted to get this blog up, so I start the habit of blogging after every class. I will have more in depth posts in the near future. Wooo.

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